Office Cleaning

Typical office cleaning companies stress volume over quality. They vacuum. They empty the trash. Then they rush to “clean” the next office.

Studies have shown that most office telephones are dirtier than the office toilet. Keyboards can harbor all SORTS of germs, not to mention bits of food from months of eating lunch and snacks over them. And the dust! It’s everywhere! What kind of impression does that make?

If your current cleaning crew is like most, they are forced to move as fast as possible. They don’t have time to dust. But have you looked at the furniture in your office? The lampshades? Pictures? Air vents?

Add a monthly deep clean to your regular schedule, and I will:

  • Dust from crown molding to baseboards (including air vents)
  • Wipe off/shine lobby furniture, countertops, and interior windows
  • Scrub/disinfect your kitchenette (sink, counters, table, fridge, etc.)
  • Scrub/disinfect your office bathroom (mirror, sink, vanity, and toilet)
  • Steam clean hard tile floors
  • Disinfect high-touch surfaces e.g., phones, keyboards, mice, light switches, etc.

A clean office, like a clean home, is healthier, safer, and more productive. These benefits should be staples of any business plan, and therefore not left to chance. Avoid illnesses including norovirus, influenza, Covid-19, and more. Invest in your business, your employees, and your impression management. Hire Lisa’s Cleaning Plus today.

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